Christmas In July

‘Bayou Stew: An Al-the-Gator Tale,’ La Tonya Richardson’s May 16, 2019, picture book release, along with ‘Going On A Bear Hunt,’ are available as a Christmas in July set, for only $15.08. That’s a 25% discount for the two.

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The set is perfect for summer reading, or can be saved for Christmas presents. Both books are signed by the author.

Bayou Stew is a tale about, Al-the-Gator, who is hungrier than ever and sets out to find a snack. Al convinces Ray to help him make bayou stew like his grand mamaw used to make… And that’s just how all the fun starts. The pair chop, dice and stir up a large pot of stew.

But, do they finally figure out what’s missing?

‘Going On A Bear Hunt,’ is a children’s picture book about the adventure of two city boys who find themselves bored in Lockhart, Louisiana.
Uncle Eddie Ray takes Aiden and Austin on a bear hunt they will never forget.

Both books were illustrated by Matthew Fields, a recent graduate of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff’s Department of Visual Art and Design.

Bayou Stew, and Going On A Bear hunt are available online at Amazon, and where ever books are sold. The 25% discount for the set is only available here at, July 15 – 31.

Bear Bait Trail Mix

What’s the perfect snack to munch on while reading ‘Going On a Bear Hunt,’ or actually going, on a bear hunt? Black Bear Bait Trail Mix of course!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to make and is an ideal way to get little hands involved.

Black Bear Bait Trail Mix Recipe

  • 1 cup Honey Nut Cheerios
  • 1 cup honey roasted peanuts (optional)
  • 1 cup Gold Fish pretzels (or preferred flavor)
  • 1 cup  mini marshmallows
  • 1 cup jelly beans
  • 1 cup graham cereal (not shown in picture)


  1. Allow little helpers to measure out one cup of each item pouring it into a large bowl, and mix well.
  2. Add additional helpings of child’s favorites. Leave out the things they don’t like, or even add other snacks to make it your own.
  3. Separate into snack bags or cute containers for gifting.

What’s your child’s favorite snack to munch while reading?

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Meet Aiden and Austin

Aiden and Austin are two fun-loving boys, who like to do what other little boys their ages like to do. It just so happens they have inspired a children’s book. And how cool is that???

It was the first Saturday in August, during our annual family reunion in 2016, this duo sparked my imaginative. Their adventure of bear hunting with their uncle intrigued me, but it was Aiden’s declaration that “Boys who hunt bear, don’t need shoes,” that got the wheels churning.

I had not written a children’s story in a while, years to be exact, and had been longing to get back to it. This was just what I needed.

Recently, their mom told me about spirit week at their school. For ‘Dress as your favorite book character day,’ Aiden went as Austin, and Austin as Aiden from ‘Going On a Bear Hunt.’ That really tickled me.

These two even had their very own book signing with their friends and family. That way cool.

More about Aiden & Austin

Favorite Food:
Aiden: Fettuccine
Austin: Tacos

Favorite Color:
Aiden: Green
Austin: Blue

Favorite Thing To Do:
Aiden: Play with airplanes
Austin: Ride his scooter

Now that you’ve met Aiden and Austin, the only thing left to do is click through to Amazon and purchase your copy of ‘Going On a Bear Hunt‘ today. Happy reading.

A Recap and Forecast

In July, ‘Going On a Bear Hunt’ and I hit the road for a Summer Tour. I read at several Girls and Boys Clubs, book stores, libraries, and summer programs.

I had the opportunity to read my book, answer tons of questions, take pictures, sign copies, and laughed a lot! Meeting and sharing with young people was the icing on the cake. One handsome little boy told me I was his favorite author. That lead to everyone else in the group repeating the same sentiment. And I enjoyed every minute.

Check out the pictures from the tour on LaRich Media’s Facebook page.

What’s Next

Now that summer is over, I’m preparing for upcoming school visits.  I’m looking forward to taking ‘Going On a Bear Hunt’ into classrooms and sharing this adventure. A few events and book signings are also in the works. I’ll be sure to share.

This summer I completed the story for my next book. Soon my illustrator and I will get to work! I am looking forward to sharing more about this project in the near future. My grandson sparked the inspiration for this next book.

Here’s to bear hunts and great adventures!






GOABH Activity Kit

Going On A Bear Hunt Activity Kit

We are so excited to share our brand new ‘Going On A Bear Hunt’ Activity Kit. It’s packed with engaging ideas, adventures, activities, and discussion questions designed to bring this picture book to life.

Any time is a good time to enjoy a great adventure.

This kit is a great tool

  • For teachers to teach Going On A Bear Hunt
  • Parents to provide enrichment
  • Hours of fun for children


Going On A Bear Hunt Released

What does a fishing pole, bee keepers hat, a butterfly net, along with a jar of jelly beans, aka Louisiana black bear bait have in common?

It is the making of a great adventure!

After being inspired by young cousins, LaTonya Richardson wrote

‘Going On a Bear Hunt,’ was released February 28. A children’s picture book about the adventure of two city boys who find themselves bored in Lockhart, Louisiana. Uncle Eddie Ray takes Aiden and Austin on a bear hunt they will never forget.

“I love this story; the uncle is so clever that the boys don’t realize the trick he’s pulled on them! This fun adventure will appeal to boys, uncles, and any who’ve ever wanted to go on a bear hunt.” Pam Margolis, the Unconventional Librarian.

‘Going On a Bear Hunt’ was illustrated by a University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff sophomore and art major, Matthew Fields.

When making plans for the project, Richardson, a University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff instructor, and alumni knew she wanted to use a UAPB student.

“I asked Danny Campbell, chairperson of the Art Department about a student, and without hesitation said he had the perfect person. On Campbell’s word, and after seeing only one sample of Fields’ work we met. He brought my story and vision to life. I am more than pleased.”

‘G0ing On a Bear Hunt,’ is available online at,, and wherever books are sold. For more information, author visits, or book signings in your neck of the woods email