About LaRich Media Group


Welcome to LaRich Media Group, LLC, I’m La Tonya Richardson. This site is the home for my children’s books and other creative works.

I am a Mass Communications instructor at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, especially for Hallmark greeting cards. IMrs. Edith Lambert’s fifth grade class, I won a district-wide writing contest. Thanks to my mom, I still have that essay.

I believe in the power of a great story, what my grand-daddy would call “spinning a yarn.” Children’s books have always been my favorite out of all other book genres. Children look at the world differently, and I’m intrigued by their honesty, humor, and simple view of the world. I want to tell stories that protect, and highlight those qualities.

Prior to my recent publishing project, I’ve enjoyed eight years of being a lifestyle blogger writing about my life experiences, adventures, and love of food. I LOVE food. Today, I blog kind-of regularly at Always LaTonya. 

I am married to Mr. Husband and we have five children and five grand-children. My aim is to create books, where they can see themselves and be proud of who they are.